SV_DownloadURL Protector
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Why do I need to protect my sv_downloadurl setting?
People can use  your fast download server for their own game servers without you even being aware of it..  Big deal?  Yes it is.  It can get expensive if you go over your allotted bandwidth and could even slow down your download speeds due to it being overloaded.  You are paying for it; might as well protect it as well as possible.

Anyone can find out what my sv_downloadurl setting is?
Yes!  All you have to do is join any server and in the console type sv_downloadurl and press enter.  The string returned is the fast download server used by that game server.

How does sv_downloadurl protector protect me?
When you create an account we'll give you a special URL to use as your sv_downloadurl setting.  When we receive a request we check it against the list of servers you have listed in your account that are allowed to use your fast download service.  Basically we hide your real fast download settings from users and only allow the game servers you specify to use it.

What game servers are supported?
Protector will work with any Source or Orange Box based game.  Including (but not limited to) CS:S, TF2, HL2, DoD:S and all their mods.

Any future plans?
Yes!  We plan on rolling out a feature that will allow you to use multiple fast download servers with one sv_downloadurl setting.  We also plan on rolling out a feature that will allow you to add your fast download server to a pool of fastdownload servers that other server admins can pay to use, and we'll share our profits with you.  This will provide a load balancing and redundancy effect giving you and your customer's even better performance and uptime.

Do you sell my personal information?
No, never have and never will.  We may send you an email or two about any of our new projects, programs, specials, etc. 

So what's in it for you?
I don't know; we just really enjoy helping out the community and it gets our name out.

Is it free?
Yes.  The protector service is free, we will be rolling out some new features that will cost a small fee, but we plan on keeping the protector service free.

I have questions, comments, requests, etc.
Feel free to contact us via our forums or any of the various methods listed here.